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Our Journey to Impact  Violence Prevention in Valenica County

A fruitful relationship

In 2018 we were just embarking on our deep dive into the 100% Communities Framework, a Child Abuse Prevention model that was derived from the work of the Anna Age Eight Institute at New Mexico State University.  We partnered with Valencia Shelter Services and began the long deep work of creating sustainable task forces in community. Out of that connection we launched the 5 Surviving and 5 Thriving Services Task Forces.  One common piece of that work is to build community awareness of issues that harm our people. Our research confirmed what community knows and has expressed: Violence is a priority and must be meaningfully addressed. 

Our Public Awareness Project

In 2020, we contracted with a local film editor, Sebastian Chavez to create the following testimonials and educational videos to demonstrate the local need and resources on this very real and painful topic.  We took great care in creating as much safety and support as possible for those willing to share their stories and help the larger community understand the nature of this public health issue.  Violence is one of the Adverse Childhood Experiences that can impact people many years later and we hope you will share these with your circle of influence. Please consider donating directly to Valencia Shelters Services by clicking the icon to the left. They are the experts in helping survivors find healing from these types of trauma in our county and can always use support. 

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