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Essential Connections Survey

We are currently conducting a county-wide organization assessment survey. Purpose of Survey: The CWC is conducting this survey in the hopes of getting an accurate picture of what all the active community service groups and non-profits of Valencia County are doing in support of our residents.

In order to be an effective council, we need to know what is already being done in the community, what needs to be addressed, and how we as a Council can coordinate community needs with the individuals and groups eager to address those needs. Our main function as a Council is becoming the information hub for all this activity, but we can’t do this work alone, we need your help!

How to Contribute: Take a few minutes to fill out our short survey with as much detail as possible in order for us to get the best picture of what it is that you do. The more information the better!

If you have questions, please email to  

Essential Connections Survey Group Name

What is the purpose/focus of your group?

2. What are you missing or needing to fulfill your mission (including data)?

3. If grant funded – Do your deliverables require collaboration?

4. How can the health council assist you in meeting your mission or goals?

Please select all the service sectors or areas of focus that apply to you/your group

If you checked Other, please describe your sector/population served.

List the partners you work with on a regular basis

Please share your funding sources if appropriate or grants currently being applied for.

Program/Group Strengths

Program/Group Challenges

Contact Email for follow up

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