Community Assessments and Profile
Based off of our online resource directory, this network model shows the relationships in Valencia County between stakeholders, agencies, institutions and community groups.  This searchable platform can be used to find what you need from senior meals to youth support.


In the fall of 2016, members of the Community Wellness Council conducted an informal phone survey of secular and faith-based youth mentoring groups in Valencia County.  The results are delivered here in the form of an interactive map in which you can explore the interaction between existing services and social determinants of health.  We hope that community planners, policy makers, and the general public will use this information to inform the development of future services for the betterment of our community.
Updated Spring 2018
On Aug 15th, 2018 the Community Wellness Council presented this document to the Valencia County Commission.  This provides a snapshot view of Valencia County's Health and Wellness issues using multiple data sources. .

The council has also engaged with community over the years and produced the following informative documents that community is free to use for grant writing, resource awareness and any other methods of improving population health. This file was updated Aug. 2018 to include local midpoint data. 

In Spring 2018, the Community Wellness Council embarked on a primary data collection project with the New Mexico Community Survey.  The results for Valencia County are here. >>>>>



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