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Ensuring Ten Vital Services for Surviving and Thriving


Our 100% Community and Health Equity Coordinator is Pamela Skinner


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Food@100% Chair: Claudia Vargas;

Ready to Have 100% of Kids Well Fed and Make Hunger History?

How a family-friendly city thinks outside-the-box and into proven solutions that guide our 100% community initiative. Email

Housing @ 100% Chair: Heather Benavidez

We Can Provide Every Family with a Safe Place to Call Home. New housing design and manufacturing technologies and community housing models await you.

Medical and Dental Care @ 100% Chair: Alejandro Coronado

We Challenge You to Design a Countywide System That Provides State-of-the-Art Health Care to 100% of County Residents. Medical and dental care is ripe for new models of delivery. Are you up for innovating?  

Behavioral Healthcare @ 100%: 

With Collaboration, We Can Ensure That Everyone Has Access to Behavioral Health Care. We require that the public and private sectors create a seamless system of care for all family members. Are you ready to collaborate and innovate? We meet about monthly. Our current project is to engage with first responders, faith community and have a great referral relationship built and maintained. We are also working on a systemic change to preventing those experience mental health issues from spending unnecessary time in detention. Email Chair, at for more information.

Transportation @ 100% 

We Can Use Technology to Design New Public Transport Solutions. Family-focused local leaders can think outside-the-box with city planners, app designers, drivers and green vehicles.

Parenting Support @ 100% 

Kids Don’t Come with Instructions So Let’s Support Every Parent. We make every child a priority by making parent supports accessible 24/7 online, supported by local educators.

Early Childhood Learning @ 100% 

Let’s Build a System of Early Childhood Learning Programs to Serve All Kids.

To ensure that every child can benefit from the best early learning, explore the time-tested models and advanced in tech-infused solutions. 

Community Schools @ 100% Chair: Estevan Gallegos

Community Schools Can Ensure No Student Is Marginalized Because of Adverse Childhood Experiences. We are taking on the challenge of ensuring that 100% of our students benefit from community schools that can be a hub of support for children, youth and parents. Will you join us? Email Chair, Estevan Gallegos at for how to get involved.

Youth Mentoring @ 100% Chair: Tierra Hudson

All Children Benefit from Having a Mentor, So Let’s Provide Them One or Two or Many! Research tells us how important it is for all children to have a trusted mentor, because having an adult outside of the home who believes in a child is the single most protective factor against risk.

Jobs @ 100% 

Families Need Us to Align Education with the Job Market. All of our children and family members need access to learning leading to the opportunity to secure a job. Schools, vocational education and higher education are now aligning to the future job markets.

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